CORONA(COVID-19) – Maintain your Happiness during a crisis

CORONA – The indestructible memories, indelible scars and the Invisible benefits???.


By now the Corona (COVID-19)  pandemic has claimed over 180,000 lives worldwide. You can check the live updates from here. This is undoubtedly, the worst global crisis, the vast majority of us have experienced during our lifetime.( Since the great depression of the 1930’s and the world war 2 in the 1940’s). This episode of our lives will definitely leave a trail of indestructible memories, which will haunt us,may be forever.

If you have hit rock-bottom in your industry or lifeline due to this crisis, there is only one way in which you can resurrect your losses and move forward. That is by moving upwards until you reach the surface of the water.( where you were before the crisis).

Remember that the “ the darkest hour is the hour just before the dawn”. “ This too will pass” and there will definitely be sunshine after the rain ceases. Our resilience is being tested .You need to be positive, patient and have faith in the universe but still keep your “shoulder to the wheel” and your “nose to the grindstone”.

Just like “every cloud has a silver lining”, there is something positive in every situation. (Check my previous article to find how to make corona a blessing and rise again) If you sow the right seeds now under  the present dire circumstances, you may be able to reap a bumper harvest when the dark clouds move away.

A friend of mine who lived in the Northern province of Sri Lanka which was ravaged by a 30 year old civil war ,told me that during his university years, the terrorists disconnected the power supply many times, and he was compelled to study with the help of an oil lamp or a candle. Yet he ended up with a first class degree. When I displayed my astonishment towards his remarkable feat, he simply told me:

“When the soil is sterile, your brain becomes fertile” .The famous Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse whilst living in a rat-infested down town apartment in New York.


Do not let the lock-down slow-down your progress in your job and in life.

Here is what employers can do:

1.    Connect remotely with as many employees as possible to find out the hardships which they are undergoing due to the pandemic and inquire as to how you can help them ease their burdens.

( Relationship management).

2.    Organize a consolidator to deliver essential food items and medicines to the employees households.( take advantage of synergies of consolidation).

3.    Assess the loss caused to the company or the profits drained by the current global crisis.

4.    Brainstorm and design innovative strategies to prevent further losses (Damage control).

5.    Think of strategies to recover the losses incurred, at least partially ( survival and revival strategies).Eg: introduce car-pooling to the management, curtail expenditure on company trips etc.

6.    Conceptualize the direction of your business and redesign the budgets for the immediate future by minimizing the non-urgent, non-essential expenditure.(Reduce “nice to have things” and focus on ”need to have things”).

7.    Build an emergency fund .( include both employers and employee’s monthly contributions, like in the case of a death donation fund etc).

8.    Indulge in research via internet and by talking to your network to generate ideas on how to emerge victorious from the ashes.

9.    Encourage employees to follow on line short courses via the net. Offer part-payment or loans to fund such training.


10. Enhance your client network. Develop your website and offer value-added services.

Here is what employers can do:

1.    Take this time partially, to rest, relax and rejuvenate yourselves from the usual humdrum of corporate life.

2.    Spend more quality time with your families.

3.    Assess your status/positioning in life and your job and devise strategies to get where you want to be.

4.    Visualize the intricacies of your daily job and tasks to think and document   ways to improve your systems and processes ,so that your life will be less stressful when you return to work.

5.    Study other organizations and their cultures to see if you can adopt their best practices and weave them into your fabric of daily life.

6.    Build an emergency fund for yourself and family so that you can comfortably wade through the turbulent times in the future. Reallocate funds to your investment portfolio as appropriate.

7.    Speak to your friends, peers, colleagues over the phone. Expand your network of contacts via Face book and Linked in presence.

8.    Study, analyze and reformat your bio-data and CV. New opportunities may emerge through the rubble of this calamity.

9.    Start a new exercise routine for both your body and the mind.


10. Complete your development work such as studies, writing thesis/dissertations.

The story of three queens

Once upon a time there were three queens who lived in India. They were the very proud money queen, the humble service queen and the intelligent knowledge queen. These three queens were known to grant wishes to the people if they can touch these queens. So one could select the money queen and run behind her and catch her to get money. Similarly one could go behind the knowledge queen or the service queen to either to get more knowledge or provide more service to others. 

The money queen as you know was the proudest of them all. When one starts running behind her, she starts eluding you and runs faster and faster. So the person running behind her gets so tired and slows down. At this point the money queen too relaxes and gives the illusion that you can go and catch her. So the person starts running again. Lo and behold the money queen starts running faster and it becomes virtually impossible to catch her.

However if one starts running behind the knowledge queen or the service queen, the very proud money queen starts getting jealous. After she realizes that the person is running after the service or the knowledge queen, and is not running behind her, the Money queen starts running behind these people and starts giving the money.

Morale of the story, always increase your knowledge and start asking the question, how may I be of service rather than what I can get out of this (money) and money will follow you like your own shadow.

- Written by Sharanga-

The writer is the founder of SMARTWORK UNLIMITED ,an online writing service which
caters to corporates and individuals a like, and is engaged in design of CVs
and assisting students of a diversity of disciplines to complete their

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